Easter Fashion - What to wear?

Easter Fashion - What to wear?

As Easter approaches, it's time to start planning your outfit for the big day. Whether you're attending a church service, a family gathering, or an Easter egg hunt, you'll want to look your best. But beware, there are some common fashion mistakes that you'll want to avoid at all costs. Let's dive into the dos and don'ts of Easter fashion!

Is it a Fashion Faux Pas to Wear White Before Memorial Day?

One of the oldest fashion rules in the book is to avoid wearing white before Memorial Day. But let's be real, who actually follows that rule anymore? In today's fashion world, anything goes! So feel free to rock that crisp white dress or those white pants on Easter Sunday. Just make sure to watch out for any chocolate stains from those Easter treats!

Are Bunny Ears a Fashion Do or Don't?

While bunny ears might be a fun accessory for kids on Easter, adults might want to steer clear of this whimsical trend. Unless you're attending a costume party or a themed event, leave the bunny ears at home. Opt for a chic hat or a floral headband instead to add a touch of Easter spirit to your outfit.

Can You Wear Pastels Without Looking Like an Easter Egg?

Pastel colors are a staple of Easter fashion, but wearing head-to-toe pastels can sometimes make you look like a walking Easter egg. To avoid this fashion disaster, try mixing pastel pieces with neutrals or bold colors. Pair a pastel top with dark jeans or a pastel skirt with a bright top to create a balanced and stylish look.

Should You Match Your Outfit to Your Easter Basket?

While it might be tempting to match your outfit to your Easter basket, this is one trend best left to the kids. Instead of going overboard with pastels and florals, choose one statement piece to focus on. Whether it's a colorful dress, a bold accessory, or a fun pair of shoes, let that piece be the star of your Easter ensemble.

So there you have it, the ultimate guide to Easter fashion do's and don'ts. Remember, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. And who knows, maybe you'll start a new Easter fashion trend with your unique style!

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